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Shrine in Hakone, Japan

Initial Thoughts of Japan After 48 Hours

So here I am, I've finally made it to Japan! After a long and stressful journey with Hainan Airlines, i was very happy to arrive on time (my journey and review of the airline will come later on).

Here are my initial thoughts after 48 hours in...

Packing List Working Holiday Visa Australia

Packing List For A Working Holiday In Australia

Tomorrow, I'm leaving for my one year working holiday visa in Australia!! Man, can't believe this is actually happening. It's that time when you feel a big range of emotions from being excited to being scared and wondering why on earth you're...

Holmenkollen Ski Jump in Oslo

Top 5 Places To Visit in Oslo, Norway

Visiting Oslo, Norway has always been high on my list of places to visit in Europe and I had the chance to go in July 2014. This was actually the first time I was travelling on my own and I loved the freedom to go wherever I wanted whenever I...